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Our Approach

We’re excited to be the newest NCRS Chapter, Southern Arizona Chapter NCRS.

Our goal is for this chapter to be your chapter; a chapter where every member is encouraged with an open invitation to attend our meetings-events, share your ideas, and be where your votes count.

The Southern Arizona Chapter Board Members and contact information:

Chairman | Tom Barr | chairman@soarizonancrs.com
Vice Chairman | Jeff Schaufel | vchairman@soarizonancrs.com
Secretary | Mike Grammond | secretary@soarizonancrs.com
Treasurer | Joyce Garland | treasurer@soarizonancrs.com
Membership | Pat Garland | membership@soarizonancrs.com
Inside Coordinator | Jeff Schaufel | coordinator@soarizonancrs.com
Outside Coordinator | Thomas Kumisca | outsidecoordinator@soarizonancrs.com
Events Coordinator | Jeff Schaufel | eventscoordinator@soarizonancrs.com
Judging Chairman | Pat Garland | judging@soarizonancrs.com
Newsletter | Murray & Wendy Forman |  newsletter@soarizonancrs.com

Please feel free to contact Chairman, Tom Barr or any of the above at any time.

Now, an important reminder:  Even though some have the perception of NCRS only being focused on older models, please realize that ownership of a non “stock/original”, a perfect or not perfect, or a new model Corvette, plus if one is “in-between” owning, these are all OK.  A feature of this chapter is to hope all Corvetters will be comfortable when joining with us.

Our Story

Our Cars

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